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Michael Henry

My wife and I have been working together online for over 10 years and have been very successful in many businesses and when we saw Valentus for the first time knew we had found something special.

We've built teams in the thousands using our social media and attraction marketing skills which has enabled us to quit our full time jobs.

While sponsoring has always come easy for us, it hasn't always been quite so easy for our downline members who were new to the network marketing arena, so we're always on the lookout for tools that will make that side of the business easier.

I've known Haydn since 2011 and when I first saw his Social Lead Ninja tool I knew this was what I was looking for and put it to the test. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up and implement, his video tutorials are very descriptive and easy to follow and I had my first campaign set up and running in less than an hour.

The secret to success with network marketing is to help people with what THEY want in life and then show them a SOLUTION that will transform THEIR life.

Like the great speaker Zig Ziglar put it... "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want"

So by having a tool and system like Social Lead Ninja you and your team have a way to connect with unlimited people building relationships first.

This is how massive incomes are made, by giving your team a track to run on the minute they join you and not leaving them wondering what to do next.

Start using SLN today to… Market your business… Create an endless stream of people to talk to every day… Build relationships and huge downlines.

Many thanks to you Haydn for creating Social Lead Ninja and your constant support.

Steve Wocknitz

I have been with Valentus for just over one year. This is my first kick at the can in NM. In the beginning I relied heavily on FB to spread the word about my business. I had no training on how to effectively utilize social media to build, so I ended up spamming people's news feeds and sending out msg after msg just to be denied time and time again. I began to develop standard prospecting skills which is where I began to see success, but it wasn't until I started using SLN that I started to see a real difference in my social media game.

The most important thing I took away from the training, is that "recruiting" people needs to come second to building relationships. Once I made this transition in mindset, I started getting MUCH much better results.

The back office, tools, and system have served me incredibly well. I have made passive sign ups, and many many new contacts from all over the world. This is an AMAZING tool for having what's called an "Active candidate list", meaning you are constantly adding people to it. Scared of your warm market running dry? SLN allows you to ad people to that list on a daily basis.

I am now building an international business because I have used SLN to recruit experienced network markets from other country's.

I could go on and on about many of the other benefits of utilizing SLN, but I think the above is sufficient enough.

Thank you Haydn Stevenson for such an incredible tool for an affordable price. Cheers mate.

Sharon Carter

"Just started SLN a week an a half ago. I am new to Twitter so I think I had 2 followers to start. At this moment in time I am at 261 followers. They came on so fast that I almost couldn't keep up with them all. I have talked to people from mostly Canada the UK and the U.S. But I have followers from all over the world. I am still figuring things out with it. But I can feel my business starting to grow and I know it is coming soon. Also I love that if I have a question Haydn is always there to answer it and he responds so quickly. Thanks for all the support!"

Dino Stylianopoulos

Haydn Stevenson and I have come to be pretty good friends I would say over the last year for various reasons, a big one being his personal attention and assistance in setting up staged. And of course, when we met in person, we realized we have quite a bit in common.

He knows my strong feelings about the fastest way of building a network marketing business: calling network marketers directly on the phone and, respectfully but bluntly, asking them if they are open to looking at a powerful opportunity. It fast, direct, and incredibly effective.

We both agreed, though, and it is a harsh reality, that most people are NOT willing to learn the skills required to apply the direct phone contact method.

What Haydn has created with Social Lead Ninja is a tool that has empowered you and your downline to get into a Daily Method Of Operation which is a must for huge success in network marketing, or any business for that matter.

His trainings are simple and easy for anyone to follow, even for those with very low or limited technical or phone skills. He also teaches something I have not seen anywhere else, is the ability to create a relationship and build trust on Facebook without coming across as aggressive or overly needy.

And his methods have one thing that matters: results. I have doubled my Facebook Friends in over a year by using his method. My Twitter followers have increased by over 10,000.

Two Facebook posts I made in the last 10 days and took about 15 minutes to write and another 20 minutes to interact with have resulted in one sale already and seven sample requests for our product, which will result in more sales.

Those two posts alone have recouped over two months of Social Lead Ninja and the way its looking before the month is over...I will have the whole year paid for by sales which resulted from Haydn's education...

I am using his methods and what I have learned on phone technique to get people on the phone and establish a personal connection without ever pitching someone on the first attempt. This is refreshing, it builds trust, and when the timing is right, I know it will result in many new distributors and customers.

Thanks Haydn and keep up the great work and constant improvement of your #SocialLeadNinja!

Aileen Fernandez

"I was a bit skeptical at first only because in the last year I tried a few trainings and the biggest challenge was getting help when I could not get how to do something but Haydn is available always to help and with the support page is like having your own coach! Is simple to understand and do! They say the proof is in the pudding well my Twitter acct grew in 3 weeks from 68 followers to over a thousand! Best part is I'm hands free because on Sundays I go and prepare all my tweets and post since I also added FB acct and Linked by the way I never had any momentum in Linked until I started using smart post I also had an increase in people viewing my capture page and a few pre enroll good leads turn one into a preferred customer! I'm just getting started!!!"

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